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As FOSHWA is known for providing outstanding customer service and constantly striving to exceed expectations, we were awarded a special project by the Malaysian Ministry of Home Affairs in September 2013. The project, to provide a range of visa processing services,
was spearhead by our Chairman, Dato’ Zamri bin Ramly.

Moving ahead quickly, FOSHWA opened our first One-Stop-Centre (OSC) visa processing branch in Colombo, Sri Lanka on 16 November 2013. The launch of the OSC was officiated by none other than Malaysian Prime Minister, Y.A.B Dato’ Seri MohdNajibTun Abdul Razak. Also present at the launch was Malaysian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Datuk Seri AnifahAman, and the Malaysian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka, His Excellency AzmiZainuddin.

FOSHWA LANKA (PVT) LIMITED’s OSC in Sri Lanka, which operations will begin on 10th February, 2014 is able to process around 300 visa applications a day. Besides processing visa applications for Sri Lankans wishing to visit Malaysia, the centre also acts as Foshwa global training Centre. Meanwhile, our Chairman, Dato’ Zamri bin Ramly noted that when all of FOSHWA’s OSCs.In the region are fully operational by the end of 2014, we will be able to process an average of 1.8 visa applications annually.

At the launch of FOSHWA’s Sri Lanka OSC, Dato’ Seri MohdNajibTun Abdul Razak noted that the launch of such one-stop visa processing centers is a significant achievement. During Visit Malaysia Year 2014, the Government is expecting to welcome more than 28 million visitors, with around 1.06 million of those tourists coming from South Asia. FOSHWA is well-prepared for this. With our global operations headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, we have successfully opened OSCs in Afghanistan,Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan.
The opening of these OSCs is projected to help increase the number of tourists from this region by at least 7.9%.

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