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Welcome to the website of Foshwa Lanka (PVT) Limited! We are a leading visa processing and business process specialist.
The High Commission of Malaysia, Sri Lanka has outsourced visa application services to Foshwa Lanka Pvt Limited. Accordingly, all Malaysia visa applications shall be submitted through our visa application one-stop-centre (OSC).

The decision to grant or refuse Visa application lies solely with The High Commission of Malaysia, Sri Lanka.
The staff of Foshwa Lanka Pvt Limited has no role or influence over the outcome of an application. This site contains important information on the Malaysia visa application process and related details. Please go through the contents carefully before making an application.

However, you are welcome to contact our customer service for any inquiries. For any kind of general information
please feel free to email us at:info@foshwalanka.lk

We are a leading integrated visa processing and business process specialist.As the exclusive Malaysia visa application One-Stop-Centre (OSC) operator,
we aim to facilitate your travel to Malaysia with more ease and convenience. With our extensive experience in providing services to both local and international private companies, governmental sectors and multinational corporations,

FOSHWA has built an extensive network of partners and associates invarious parts of the world. In a short period of time, FOSHWA developed an especially strong presencein Asia, particularly in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.FOSHWA’s OSC in Sri Lanka, which began operations
on 6th January, is able to process around 300 visa applications a day. Besides processing visa applications for Sri Lankans wishing to visit Malaysia,

the centre also acts as Foshwa global training centre.

Corporate Vision

Foshwa Sdn Bhd is an exclusive outsourced business provider for
comprehensive visa processing services to Diplomatic Missions in South Asia.

At Foshwa, we work strategically with various Malaysia Diplomatic Missions
to perform administrative, non-judgemental aspects of passport and visa application
process, travel documents and legalization.

Our extensive networking system is equipped with cutting edge and
advance technology application that is expertly handled by our highly
trained professionals.

At Foshwa, we are committed with providing excellent and reliable service to our
valued customers in terms of security, integrity and efficiency.

Our Corporate Vision is to be the renowned worldwide leading service provider
in the industry we serve.

Corporate Mission
To be the preferred choice of visa process provider delivering sustainable
value to our stakeholders.

Our Core Values
Flexibility in delivering solutions to partners
One Global Network – leveraging on the power of global insights,
relationship and collaboration to deliver

Service Oriented
we place our customers at the heart of everything we do
Honour – we demonstrate integrity and accountability at all times
Worth of Trust – we keep our promise and committed to do business the right way
A positive working environment that cultivate diversity and respect
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