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Visa Requirements
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Business/ Social/ Tourist Visa List of documents (All Included in one category)

  • Latest 1 Passport Size Photo With white or blue background
  • Application can be typed or handwritten will be acceptable
  • Request letter from applicant ( Mandatory )
  • Employment Confirmation Letter ( Mandatory )
  • Copy of Business registration (English Translated)
  • Letter of invitation from Malaysia (Optional)
  • Copy of sponsor's Identity card, Latest Utility Bill and Sponsor Letter
  • Confirmed Air Ticket (Copy) maximum validity of 30 Days
  • Hotel Booking Confirmation (Copy)
  • TC confirming the issuance of US$ 500/- (For Fresh Passport / First time Traveller)
  • Bank statements Latest 3 Months Minimum balance equivalent to USD 500 (Original or True copy)
  • Marriage Certificate English Translated (Copy)
  • Children Birth Certificate English Translated (Copy)
  • No Objection Letter NOC :-
  1. Children (Below 18 Years Old ) Travelling Without their parents or Without One of their parent's
  2. Married Women Below 40 Years Old if Travelling Alone ( From Husband )
  3. Unmarried Women below 25 years old - Unemployed and Travelling Alone ( From Parent's/Guardian's )

Employment Visa List of documents

  • Immigration Approval from Malaysia (Original + Copy)
  • Contract Letter from the company
  • Approved Medical Certificate Bestinet (Original + Copy)
  • Grama Sevaka Certificate / Family backround ( Only applicable for House Maids / House Workers)

Student Visa List of documents

  • Immigration Approval from Malaysia (Original + Copy)
  • Offer Letter from University/ College (Original + Copy)

Transit Pass

  • Please confirm with your airline that you may board without a visa


  • Passport should be valid for more than six (06) months
  • All Country Passport
  • Dependent visa - Approval letter from the Malaysian Immigration (Original + Copy)
  • Monks/ Priests/ Pastors – Invitation letter and Letter from the Chief Incumbent of the Temple/ Letter from the religious body

Validity of VISA

  • Please note your VISA is valid for 3 Months from the date of issuance
  • Single & Multiple Entry

Visa Fee ( December 2017)

  • Application Form Fee Rs.40.00
  • Processing Fee Rs.4269.00 (Including Taxes)
  • Visa Fee Rs. 546.00
  • Total Visa Fee Payable 4855.00
  • Payment Methode ( ONLY CASH )

Visa Processing

  • Processing of VISA will take 4 working Days ,Excluding Weekends and Public Holidays and it solely subject to the High Commission of Malaysia discretion(From Dec 13th to 22nd Dec will take 10 working days)
  • Submission Time for Application is From 9:00 a.m to 12:00 p.m
  • Collection of Passports From 4:00 p.m to 5:00 p.m

Verification Services

To mitigate risks such as falsified documents and the entrance of wrongful persons to a country, verification processes such as visa applicant screening
is paramount to national security. FOSHWA’s verification solutions, which adhere to stringent global standards and are backed by robust security systems, are able to carry out verifications without any prejudice, with complete confidentiality and efficient turnaround times. Our professional and well-networked team vigilantly examines and investigates applicant credentials and authenticates information and documents. Our background screening services include purposes such as: employment, education, criminal records, relationships, marriageability, financial records, terrorist activity, address authentication and identity proof.
The checks can also be customized to meet the specifications of our clients.

Biometric Services

Global migration poses significant risks and challenges, which is why many governments have begun to adopt biometric technology to balance facilitation with security. FOSHWA’s range of biometric solutions and facilities include customizable multi-mission models, single-tenancy solutions, mobile biometrics and authentication systems. Once installed, these capabilities can help our government clients to enhance their visa applications, immigration and residence permits, as well as identity checks and documents, such as identity cards, passports and driving licenses. FOSHWA’s biometric systems, which include hardware,
software, data encryption, messaging and integration, are secure, flexible and resilient. In addition to being compliant with international data security, they are also delivered only to the highest standards.

Information Centre

FOSHWA’s respective offices and one-stop-centres (OSC) also serve as information centres for the Government of Malaysia.
Through the effective dissemination of information, FOSHWA is able to play an active role in attracting tourism, investment and business opportunities to Malaysia. Among the information services we provide are: travel and tourist information; Malaysia My 2nd Home program (MM2H),
Trade Exhibitions in Malaysia, and many more.In addition, FOSHWA’s host of information services can be customized to meet the varied needs of our clients worldwide.


OTHER ADDITIONAL SERVICES (only applicable for respective country website)

Online Visa Verification services
Our customers have instant access to their visa application status online VISA Verification in our WEB SITE

Administrative services
Our visa processing offices are equipped with fax machines and printers to assist in visa application needs,
and our personnel are on hand to assist customers in filling up application forms.

Online tracking services 
Customers can also track their visa application status online.